Hello ... I am Sameer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh

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A rare summer day in Edinburgh


A typical(ish) winter evening

What am I up to

Explore how we can develop speech technologies, like Apple's Siri, for languages which are less well researched (i.e: not English)


Machine Learning. A combination of semi-supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms


It is a cool and challenging problem. Advantages of speech/language technologies currently out of reach for millions of people


I am being jointly supervised by Sharon Goldwater and Adam Lopez

Publications, presentations, code

  • “Towards speech-to-text translation without speech recognition,” to appear in Proc. EACL, 2017, S. Bansal, H. Kamper, A. Lopez, S. Goldwater, [arXiv], [slides]
  • “Weakly supervised spoken term discovery using cross-lingual side information,” to appear in Proc. ICASSP, 2017, S. Bansal, H. Kamper, S. J. Goldwater, and A. Lopez, [arXiv]
  • PhD first year review and proposal
  • Teaching Assistant for Machine Translation 2017 Labs and assignments
  • Listen to the Edinburgh Library -- part-time project work
  • Connect.